Thunder Pop

EP #133: The Best Of Netflix 2020

Episode Summary

Laura Bennett of the Music, Medicine, and Machines podcast joins Steven Presley to break down the best of Netflix in 2020.

Episode Notes

Netflix and Quarantine! Laura Bennett of Music, Medicine, and Machines joins Steven Presley to discuss Netflix's Best Of Streaming 2020. By the way, 2020 sucks so we stayed home socially distanced and quarantined and also watched a lot of Netflix. Some of the selected favorites include Unsolved Mysteries, The Social Dilemma, also mentioned are Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle's covid comedy specials. We open the show with a Thunder Take breaking down Sesame Street in 2020 has it become to fancy and overproduced since the move to HBO? We also feature our usual tropes Agree or Disagree, Thoughts and Advice, and Steven Presley gets on his soapbox regarding his favorite energy drink being discontinued. Guaki Yerba Mate are you listening? Because he's talking to you!